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Employee Speak

“Being a part of Invenio is by itself a great experience, growth and exposure at work is beyond the existing. I have always had opportunities and challenges beyond expectations and my career progression has been quite impressive. It truly brings about a winning culture.

Karan Bhambra,
Lead Consultant, Delhi

“Invenio has a length and breadth of clientele into diversified laterals of business. what drives me as a consultant at Invenio is to have the opportunity to interact with such diverse customers and be able to provide solutions (the true mark of a Consultant). Invenio provides the congenial environment to breed the true consultant in oneself by providing ample opportunities and necessary grooming.

Abhay Mehta,
Lead Consultant, Pune

It has been almost 7 years that I am associated with Invenio. I was passionate about working in Media Industry and was constantly given an opportunity to explore my creativity in terms of providing unique solutions to customers across platforms in the same field. I always had the freedom to express myself and seeing my ideas or solutions getting implemented gave me a lot of satisfaction. I had the opportunity of being part of the team which build two unique in-house products in media one for the movie distribution business and the other for the broadcast business. I could always rely on senior expert advice for any help. Work culture is very friendly and people are approachable at all levels.

Veerendra Shetty,
Principal Consultant, Mumbai

I must say from the first day I joined, I was put into a very dynamic and professional journey. The huge difference I have with Invenio is that it gives you the opportunity to face the client directly and gain the exposure that you do not get with many other IT companies. The trust that the company set on you makes it easy to give your best and deliver quality and show great professionalism towards the clients. When I started, Invenio was quite young and I must say in a very elapse of time the company has put itself at a very top level among big IT companies. I’m experiencing new exposure and new challenges that allow me to meet & interact with big leaders in this IT world. Be it technically, functionally or at management level, there is a clear vision and focus only towards excellence and high performance delivered. I’m proud to be part of Invenio family.

Nitin Buantoa,
Project Manager, Mauritius

It’s been more than 5 years since I have joined Invenio. I have not only witnessed the growth of Invenio but was lucky to be part of this growth as well. Seldom you find such a company which not only helps you build a meaningful career but also supports in your personal development. Invenio is one such company. We are treated more than just an employee. We are not just mere SAP consultants here but one man army, ready to take any situation head on!! I consider myself fortunate to be part of such an incredible organization which has given me so many opportunities to prove myself, motivated me to do my best and always had my back come what may!

Devina Sehgal,
Lead Consultant, USA

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